About Susan

Susan B Marlowe lives and paints in the North Carolina Mountains.  Well known as a regional artist, Susan has also exhibited around the world.  Trained formally at the University of Kentucky, Susan has extended artistic growth by studying with other artists such as Vae Hamilton, Kichung Lizee, Skip Lawrence and Tim Ford.

Susan's work ranges from literal to whimsical representation.  She has been fascinated by the visual and spiritual essence of the cow for her entire artistic career.  Historically, she is following a family tradition passed down from her great grandfather, William Hart, an artist from the Hudson Valley River School, who specialized in painting pastoral scenes with cattle.

Susan enjoys creating personalized commissioned paintings for special occasions and celebrations, such as new births, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays and paintings for healing.  She also specializes in creating pet portraits and children's paintings.

Whatever her subject, Susan strives to portray her subject's essence and energy with a celebration of rich color and texture.

To learn more about Susan's background and influences, check out the following videos, made with Susan at Cheap Joes Art Stuff in Boone, NC.